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The Company was incorporated on December 8, 2005 pursuant to a joint venture agreement between KRIBHCO and Shyam Group to acquire the urea manufacturing facilities at Shahjahanpur from Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. in the shareholding ratio of 60:40. Thereafter, the shareholding ratio of KRIBHCO and Shyam group has been changed to 85:15 & 92.5:7.5 on 30/03/2009 & 30/11/2015 respectively. On 13/04/2016, Shyam group has exercised its exit option for remaining equity. Accordingly w.e.f. 21/04/2016, the entire shareholding of company being held by KRIBHCO

The management control of the Company is with KRIBHCO, a cooperative society engaged in manufacturing nitrogenous and bio-fertilizers since 1980. KRIBHCO’s long and valuable experience in fertilizer sector provides the Company the advantage of their management expertise and business know-how. The Company leverages on the extensive marketing and distribution network of KRIBHCO, under which our products are marketed. The Company also has access to  ’, ‘  brand, which is a well established and respected brand amongst farmers and co-operative societies across India.





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